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Kitchen FAQs

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Where is Greystone located?

Greystone is in the heart of the mountains, with easy access to surrounding cities. Hendersonville, NC is 15 minutes away and has pretty much everything you will need from town: banks, food, restaurants, ice cream shops, etc. Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC are about 45 minutes away; they have great walkable downtowns, tons of restaurants, and awesome art and music scenes.

How many sessions do I need to work?

The more, the merrier! You are not required to work all five sessions of the summer, but we do encourage choosing more than one session. If you are applying to be a Kitchen Counselor, you must work all five sessions as well as the Opening Week prior to the start of Junior Camp.

What does it mean to be a Kitchen Counselor?

You must be at least 18 years of age and be at least one year out of high school in order to apply to be a counselor who has kitchen duties such as, without limitation, working with kitchen staff, leading devotions for other kitchen staff, leading daily activities for kitchen staff and leading a section of the kitchen during meal times. We are looking for counselors who are ready to serve as a role model to the younger staff, who want them to grow in the Lord, and who are eager to have fun.

What area of the kitchen will I be in?

All of our first-year staff work in the dish room. You’re responsible for washing dishes throughout the day while learning to work as a team. The dish room is the place to be for fun work in a fast-pace environment. When you have completed your time in the dish room, you will be moved to either Prep, Cook, or Bakery.

What does a typical day look like?

We have a volunteer Breakfast Crew that gets the day going before the sun comes up, so most of our staff do not start working until 8:30am. We’ll all work through breakfast and take a break for our Morning Devotion when the Dish Crew finishes up the breakfast dishes. After lunch, we have an Afternoon Activity (Ultimate Frisbee, swimming, fishing, etc.) followed by free time. We all return to the Kitchen no later than 5:30 to serve and clean up dinner. Our day ends with an Evening Program (more fun activities) and a bed time around 11:00pm.

Where will I live?

The Kitchen Staff all live in two houses in camp. The girls are in Hilltop, and the boys live in The Vic. Our cabins are lovely, and while maintaining their camp charm, they still have everything you need to ensure that you will be comfortable in your home away from home. At least two kitchen counselors live in each house and are there to lead small groups, pray at night, or just hang out during free time.

Will I have any time off?

Sunday is everyone’s day off except the counselors (you still get days off, too). If you work multiple sessions, you will also have an additional day off in between the sessions. There are plenty of activities for you to do on your day off! If you stay at camp, you can do your laundry, attend Camp Church, grab lunch in the kitchen, or take a nap. We also have a relaxing afternoon activity that ranges from trips to a Greenville Drive baseball game, hiking in Pisgah Forest, or spending a day on the lake and grilling out for dinner. Whatever the activity, it is always enjoyable to unwind and have fun as a group without having to worry about the dishes.

What about my free time during the day?

During your morning free time, you can help another group around the kitchen or go back to the cabin to rest or socialize. During the afternoon free time we will typically play some type of group sport such as ultimate frisbee, soccer, or basketball. This is a great time for people of all talents to get together, have fun, and get in shape. If you are trying to get in shape for a school sport, you will have the opportunity at Greystone; there are plenty of people who will run cross-country, ride bicycles, swim laps, or lift weights. There are some afternoons where we do not play a group sport, and this is the perfect opportunity to read a book, sit by the lake in the Adirondack chairs, or hang out with friends in the cabin.

Can I bring my car?

If you are younger than 18 years old, we ask you not to bring your car. You will not be allowed to drive it off campus on your day off. If you are college-aged, you may bring your car – on your days off, it is nice to have a car to explore the area.

Do we join the campers for Evening Program at night?

Each night we will have our own Kitchen EP. Some nights we stay in for a movie, enjoy camp’s Waterpark, have a game night, plan a girls’/guys’ night, or attend our weekly Bible Study. On our evenings out, we may go bowling, roller-skating, see a movie in town, or eat ice cream at Kilwin’s.

What about tattoos, piercings, and hair length?

We love your individuality and so should you! We do ask for you to cover your tattoos, and to only wear one piercing in each ear (no earrings for boys.) We ask our guys to keep their hair short and to shave any facial hair.

Have questions?

If you want to learn more about working in the Greystone Kitchen, the Kitchen leadership is always happy to speak with propsective staff. Please direct correspondence to:

  • Leland Reynolds
    Kitchen Head Counselor
  • Gervias Hollowell
    Kitchen Director