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Making Camp an Internship

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Fulfill your internship credit at Greystone!

We say it all the time: camp skills are career skills! Here you will learn by doing and grow as a person and an employee all while being surrounded by a supportive, encouraging community. Camp counselors learn to be innovative, adaptable, compassionate, responsible team players who work hard, communicate well, and think on their feet. That’s just part of why employers love hiring camp counselors!

You are investing in your future career by choosing to work at Greystone, but we also understand that, when it comes to your resume, internships matter. With a little bit of creativity and flexibility, we can help make your summer as a counselor into an internship that moves you forward in your field of interest.

Every year, we work with counselors to design internships that meet their requirements but also allow them to fully engage in the camp community, and we’d love to talk to you about it!

What qualities do we look for in interns?

Working as an intern is a unique role at Greystone that requires a particular set of skills in order for it to be done well. We are looking for interns who are independent, creative leaders who are self-motivated and can pace themselves to take a project from start to finish. We don’t offer cookie-cutter internships; you will play a big part in designing your role and managing your time throughout the summer, so it’s essential that you are comfortable working independently and communicating your progress with our team.

What we consider when designing internships:

Not every internship is possible at camp, but we love to provide one if we can. Internships work best when you are able to complete all counselor job requirements and fully participate in our community while still checking off the boxes needed to fulfill the credit.

These are a few aspects we consider when we’re discussing internships; it’s helpful if you have the answers to these questions when we talk!

  • Time Commitment: What kind of hours are required? Do they need to be consecutive?
  • Supervision: Do you need a direct supervisor to manage your internship?
  • Flexibility: Can you use your camp activity area as a part of the internship?

What are the benefits of a Greystone internship?

Having an internship at Greystone gives you access to all of the benefits of working as a counselor. Yes, this internship is paid! You’ll also receive mentoring, professional development, room and board (with great food!), and lots of other surprises and perks.

Plus, as an intern, you will design your experience side-by-side with our team to make sure it meets and (hopefully!) exceeds your expectations. As long as it fits into your role at camp and our needs for your job, we can think big! There won’t be any coffee runs or menial tasks here; you will have autonomy and responsibility in your role and gain hands-on experience from the time you start. We can guarantee you won’t be able to find another internship that’s as fun, meaningful, or growth-filled as this one!

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Interested in pursuing an internship? Reach out to Ellen-Anne to get the conversation started. No matter if you have worked for us before or you are brand new, she would be happy to talk to you about making your camp experience into an internship.

Note: In order to give each staff member individual attention, we hire a very limited number of interns each year, and spaces do fill up quickly. If you are interested in turning your counselor job into an internship, please reach out soon!

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