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Junior Camp Is the Best Week of the Summer!

If you are unable to work as a Full-Summer counselor due to a busy schedule, we offer a one-week Junior Camp option (with a few additional days of staff training added in) that is pure delight! Our youngest campers of the summer attend this week of camp, giving you the opportunity to laugh, dance, play, and encourage the very cutest campers of the summer.

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Is Junior Camp for You?

Working at our one-week Junior Camp session is the perfect taste of camp:

  • Fit a fun counselor job into your busy summer schedule with a short time commitment.
  • Serve as a camp counselor for a short time to see if it is the right fit for you without committing to an entire summer.
  • Gain leadership and teamwork skills by working with other like-minded staff within our camp community.
  • Teach young campers a skill with patience and love, serving as a role model.
  • Add valuable skills to your resume; even if you are just working a week-long session, you will still walk away with more confidence in your skills and in yourself as an employee. Growth at camp happens fast!
  • Laugh often and have fun with these young campers in the best summer job ever!

Junior Camp Dates:

With mandatory Staff Orientation, your Junior Camp commitment spans only a week and a half:

May 21st - 31st, 2024

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What is Different About Junior Camp?

While much of what you will read on this staff section of our website is the same for our full summer employees and our Junior Camp staff, there are some differences to be aware of when applying to work at Junior Camp.

While you need to be one year out of high school to work as a full-summer employee, we hire counselors for Junior Camp that have just finished high school. It is the perfect job for a post-high school graduate, especially if you have a busy summer schedule before college.

With a few changes, your Day in the Life as a Junior counselor is very similar to our full-summer staff daily schedule. Our Junior campers take a total of 5 classes each day (3 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). These campers visit all of our classes throughout the session, sampling each class we offer at Junior Camp. Because of this, you’ll plan an amazing class for the campers to enjoy for the one or two times they will visit your class. It’s pure excitement every time a new group arrives!

Because of the shortened time frame, time off is different at Junior Camp as well. We provide time off during the day and on some nights to give you the needed break and rejuvenation needed to serve these campers. Junior Staff do not have a full day off during the one-week camp.

Due to the shorter timeframe, some of the development and growth opportunities are on a smaller scale for our Junior Camp staff. While counselors will be encouraged spiritually and provided continued training related to the Junior Camp job, many of our counselor Bible studies, small groups, and professional development opportunities are not possible in the shortened one-week time frame.

Do you have questions or want to talk more about working at Junior Camp? Our Junior Camp team would love to hear from you! Click here to contact us!

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